Monday, January 18, 2010

When did Italians get so homo erotic?

First it was revealed that The Situation was a male stripper, and then this. Pauly D. from the Jersey Shore appearing semi-nude on a semi-gay website called (Warning: do not go there, unless you want to see some serious c---k.)

Here is the picture: all tan, signature blowout hairstyle, 32-C man breasts, fully-waxed, copping his best DeNiro-esque "you lookin' at me?" pose.

The string of comments says it all:

Incredulity:"Pauly D is gay!!!"

Disappointment: "well if youre going to show,, show it all!!!!!"

Perceptive advice: "dude great bod, but ease off on the tanning and the hair gel"

Scathing allegations: "Do some research and you'll discover some of the Jersey shore boys do gay porn..."

Acceptance: "I dont think hes gay, just really really vain."

When did the alpha-male Italian turn into a gay icon? Really, how did this happened all of the sudden.

It kinda makes us miss the days of Saturday Night Fever. (Never thought we'd say that.)

Guido circa 1977

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  1. granted this is a bit late, but just discovered this blog today. if you look at any of the gay male porn stars, they ALL look like guidos and vice versa. for a friend's bachelorette party last year, we went to montreal and (as you do) went to a male strip club up there. it was a staten island guidette's dream! every type of guido and abercrombie frat boy you could choose from.