Sunday, September 2, 2012

Scandal-Plagued Grimm Takes Awkward Photos at Republican National Convention

Staten Island congressman Mike Grimm will probably be reelected in November regardless of the ex-fundraiser being arrested, the grand jury probe of potentially illegal contributions, the skinny-dipping incident. There's probably more, we can't seem to recall off the top of our collective dome pieces.

Anyhow, Mike Grimm is sure to be reelected because he is what Staten Islanders want: a million dollar smile and an unbending, irrational hatred of President Obama. This recent radio report has him treated like royalty (What scandal?)

So brushing off all the bad news, Grimm headed down to the Republican National Convention in Tampa last week and tried to make nice with all the big wigs. In such a politically tenuous situation, this could cause for some awkwardness, but Grimm brushes it off with ease.

He took some pictures. Here they are: