Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Chinese wage war on Staten Island?

Do you guys remember the good old days of 2008? That was when was launched.

It was awesome. People could go there, network, blog it up, talk to friends, meet new ones, and find out about all the cool art happenings on Staten Island -- all in one place. It was fantastic.

But then, sometime around December, something terrible happened.

The site was sabotaged, spammed, hacked, destroyed. I don't have official confirmation on this but it may have been the Chinese.

Look at this quote from an article by James Fallows in the Atlantic:
"I now lose sleep over something I'd generally ignored: the possibility of a 'cyber war' that could include attacks from China."
The shit has hit the fan people. A "cyber war" is being waged and Staten Island is on the virtual front lines. We need to fight back and we need to do it together.

I'm not sure how to fight a "cyber war" but I have some ideas. Anyone who plays Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Pac Man, please contact us and we will begin training for a new virtual army of video game players that can take the Chinese down and save once and for all.

(Update: we think that PopTartsSuck has been attacked by the Chinese as well. This is just more evidence that the Red Army is targeting Staten Island. What can be next? SILive? DogandPonyShow? The Tea Party? Get your joysticks ready, we need all the thumbs we can get to beat Communist China.)

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  1. It's a shame that site was given up on...I mean there is nothing wrong with the facebook and twitter but those aren't being utilized either.