Thursday, March 4, 2010

Facebook wars: Staten Island

Recently, someone started a Facebook page under the name "Staten Island" -- which is great. The forgotten borough deserves its own Facebook page, right? Now we can interact, communicate, connect, discuss, make the world a better place.

The page started off on a great foot, by encouraging people to join:
Then, the page let us know about this awesome website called
Fantastic. Next, they told us about coupons for saving money on

Now, "Staten Island" on Facebook is getting huge, everyone is joining:

Cool, so "Staten Island" tells us about great places for 'dining out' or 'ordering in' (via

Then hunger kicked in, but "Staten Island" let us know that there is a solution to this problem. All we have to do is browse the website and find a great restaurant:

But where can we go to view menus and photos of local restaurant? Anyone know? Wait, "Staten Island" does:

All this useful information even helped WhereYouCanEat become the "second most visited Local Website":

Everything was great. And then, it turns out some asshole made a page called Staten Island the Facebook Page is a cheap marketing gimmick.

Could this be true? How could they do this to us? Were we fooled the whole time? Is WhereYouEat not an awesome site?

The Dump will get to the bottom of this.


  1. Staten Island the Facebook Page is a cheap marketing gimmick. Is just ANOTHER example of a jealous Facebook user who apparently has or is looking to create a fan page just to see if he can get more users!

  2. Staten Islanders have a Good Website, Instead of complaining that the person trying to publicize the site, locals should actually be helping get the website out there.