Thursday, January 6, 2011

Local man Googles 'how to kill my mistress'

Rosario DiGirolamo pleaded guilty this week to the murder and dismemberment of his girlfriend, Amy Giordano, after investigators found the incriminating evidence in an old Google search.

Amy's body disappeared back in 2007 when the New Jersey man murdered her in a Hightstown, NJ apartment then stuffed her torso into a suitcase before dumping it into the swamp of Clay Pit Ponds in the Charleston section of Staten Island.

DiGirolamo, who had been married to another woman, was reportedly unable to keep up with both families and decided to dispose of one of them. He left their 11-month-old son behind in the parking lot of a Delaware hospital with a note attached.

The note had insinuated it was the mother who abandoned the child.

The evidence that led to DiGirolamo's confession was a Google search executed just days before the killing: "lethal karate blows to the back of the head."

His defense lawyer had maintained the man's innocence up until the discovery of this search on his laptop.

It turns out DiGirolamo did not need to use his newly acquired karate skills. He maintains that the red-headed Giordano came at him first with a "pry bar," leading him to strike her on the head with a hammer. 

DiGirolamo's former best friend, however, is expected to testify that he had planned to kill his girlfriend all along because he could not afford the financial obligation of supporting two families.

His friend also says he bought "reciprocating saw, garbage bags and drain cleaner" right before the death.

The guilty plea gives DiGirolamo a 25 year sentence, of which he must serve 21 before parole. If he went to trial he may have gotten life.

As part of the deal DiGirolamo must lead authorities to the rest of his girlfriend's remains.

Amy Giordano was 27, a native Staten Islander. Her son Michael is now 3, and won't be seeing either of his parents any time soon. 

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