Sunday, January 30, 2011

Obama streaker can't get naked for two years

Remember Juan Rodriguez? He's the 24-year-old Staten Island resident who harassed the President of the United States in his birthday suit with the intention of winning $1 million.

Well, Rodriguez got naked, but didn't get (all) the money, and now he's on probation leaving him unable to get naked in public for at least two years without facing stiff legal penalties. Rodriguez was sentenced on three misdemeanor counts in a Philadelphia court on Friday. At the trial he revealed why Philadelphia was his premiere destination for nude streaking.

"Philadelphia has a history of streaking," Rodriguez said. "I didn't pick Philadelphia out of the hat."

A 'history of streaking?' Genius. He's only set to received about $100,000 of his precious bounty. That should be enough for the unemployed father of three to support his family for about 18 months. Then he could wait six months and streak again. Go for the gold, young man. Go for the gold.

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