Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Staten Island: You done goofed

Election night hangover is in full effect. Not from booze or weed (Prop 19 failed) but from a late night of watching election returns come in from around the country.

But like the double rainbow, the election left us wondering: what does it mean?

On a national scale, the election confirmed our belief that the Tea Party is wildly overblown: the witch lady lost in Delaware, Paladino and his baseball bat went down in glorious flames, Sharron Angle was pummeled by Harry Reid, Sarah Palin's pick in Alaska, Joe Miller, looks like he will go down to a write-in candidate of Lisa Murkowski.

Sure, Republicans picked up lots of seats in the house of a bunch of governorships, but most big ticket Tea Party crazy candidates went down. One exception being Rand Paul, a guy who want to privatize social security - good luck with that.

But Staten Island's congressional race was a close one. Incumbent Mike McMahon and Mike Grimm battled back and forth late into the night, and Grimm was left standing.

Nursing the election hangover, we were driving past the Staten Island Expressway this morning. Contractors had cleared the brush on the side of the highway. They were surveying the area to develop a new lane that will ease the ball-breaking traffic that plagues the borough twice every day during rush hour.

McMahon has been working on this project since his city council days.

Grimm wants to repeal health care reform.

Congratulations SI, we just went backwards. How far is now up to Mr. Grimm.

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