Thursday, December 16, 2010

Staten Island's 2020 subway map

Christmas is always full of unrealistic, unfulfilled dreams: a diamond ring, new XBox, full-time job with benefits? Maybe next year. But we can still wish can't we?

Now you can throw a Staten Island subway into the mix. Writing for City Limits, Samuel I. Schwartz ponders a whole slew of public transportation initiatives that can bring New York City's infrastructure into the 21st Century.

He also comes up with the following modest proposal for our (mostly) forgotten borough:
A subway extending into Staten Island 
One could go from St. George to the Battery into the T-line. Another could go from Clifton to Bay Ridge to link with the R train (groundbreaking for this subway was held in 1923; let's open it for the centennial). Both would originate from the existing Staten Island Railway. While we're at it, let's also re-establish the Staten Island North Shore Railroad and attach a West Shore link.
Fan-tastic. Not one, but TWO subway lines spewing out of Staten Island.

We got an exclusive look at the proposed subway line, from an artist rendering. A graphic depiction of how the Clifton to Bay Ridge tunnel will operate.

Notice how it will arrive directly at the 86th Street hub and carry a gigantic slice of pizza on the rear car. Look out Bay Ridge, here we come.


  1. How do they propose to cross the major shipping lane there?

  2. They were building a subway line between the two boroughs; however, sometime in the 50's they stopped due to lack of money. Check out the link which illustrates it.