Wednesday, October 27, 2010

From Tottenville to Taliban

There's a Jihad on the South Shore.

A former Tottenville High School student was arrested in Hawaii on Friday on charges that he repeatedly tried to fly into Pakistan and join the Taliban.

Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, a 21-year-old guy from Prince's Bay, is being transferred to Brooklyn where he will face further proceedings.

According to the New York Times the case is "based on numerous statements Mr. Shehadeh made to F.B.I." concerning his intended travels to the Afghan region.

The feds implicated Shehadeh and "several other individuals in connection with a plot to travel overseas and wage violent jihad against the United States and coalition military forces."

He even tried to enlist in the Army at the Times Square recruiting station.

The federal complaint also states that Shehadeh ran multiple Web sites dedicated to spreading Jihad ideology. Right here on Staten Island? And the dude even tried to recruit others.

Could this be a big misunderstanding? That's his landlord above, with the beard. He says Shehadeh's a good kid.

At this point, the only question is: What would Juan Williams do?

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