Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shocker: Angelina's mall fight was PR stunt

If you're not keeping up with your 'Jersey Shore'-related news, Staten Island's favorite serial-quitter of reality shows got into a tussle in the Hot Topic of the Staten Island Mall this week.

The biggest shock about this incident - besides the fact that Angelina shops at Hot Topic - was that the whole thing was a PR stunt (according to the Staten Island's intrepid mall cops).

Wow, didn't see that coming.

Radar Online got all the juicy quotes from Angelina's mom:  

"Angelina and her girlfriend got jumped at the mall by two teenage girls," said momma Trashbags. "The security guards did nothing to help them and told her, 'This is a publicity stunt, we have no time for this."  

Mall cops aren't exactly Rhodes Scholars, so if they can figure this out, it must be pretty obvious.

Momma T-bags went on:

"My daughter can't go out without getting accosted. Half the people attack her and the other half want her autograph and photos."

That's the price you pay for being a reality celebrity whore. Well, that and the multi-million dollar contract you signed to be on MTV. We'd say that's a pretty good trade off.


  1. if you quit the show..... twice.. quit trying to associate yourself with the show for publicity !!! you suck anyway.. cant believe you screwed 3 out 0f 4 guys in the house... all that sex you wiould think that you would have lost a few pounds !!!