Friday, October 8, 2010

Hipsters spar over Katy Perry

Every so often we travel over the bridge to that Disneyland for 20-somethings known as Williamsburg.

When the inevitable question of where we live comes up, the transplant scoffs derisively. Funny, we were born here, you just moved in from some podunk town in Western Pennsylvania.

So it's moments like these that give some reprieve. A passive-aggressive note left in an apartment hallway - actually more than a note, like a short story. An extremely anal retentive one.

Notice the different font sizes, four full paragraphs of specificity, and most predictably the peanut gallery scribbling of fellow Williamsburgers.

Thankfully, we don't live next to, or above, any of these people.


  1. That is fucking amazing. As a native Staten Islander and someone who briefly lived in Park Slope (only to move back to SI), I can say that not having to deal with apartment noise is one of the quality of life issues that had me coming back here! I myself had a FULL VOLUME hip hop neighbor who used to blast that shit at NIGHT. I'll see that Katy Perry and raise you a)a clean place to live b)a safe place to live c)a spacious place to live d)for less money. I also believe SI'ers for all the complaining that we do are more respectful of other people's space and property. In BK I used to routinely come home to people sitting on the hood of my car and smashing bottles on my stoop, not the case now.

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