Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What has Mike Grimm done for Staten Island?

The midterm Congressional election on Staten Island is a competition between a politician who has served the borough for the past decade and a mystery man who recites Sarah Palin talking points.

Last night on NY1, Mike Grimm and Mike McMahon slowly devoured each other in a preview of Tuesday night's discussion at Wagner College.

Both candidates landed a few jabs, there was only a modicum of policy discussion, and the event set a precedent for the closing weeks of what is purportedly a battle for the future of Staten Island's soul.

But it's not. It doesn't matter. Tuesday's debate will likely revolve around the same nonsense that we were subject to in the NY1 preview: all spit and no substance.

To be fair - well, in a weak attempt to be fair - McMahon may have overplayed his hand in a few attacks against Grimm. (We haven't seen the infamous 'Kathleen Grimm' flier, and our mailbox is literally overflowing with campaign literature. So it may be a non-issue in a sea on non-issues.)

Point is: Mike McMahon is actually doing shit. real stuff. to help Staten Island. like alleviate traffic and re-haul the ferry terminal. He is not part of the 'Pelosi agenda' and didn't 'raise your taxes' in Congress. His opponent has tried to paint him with a broad brush, but it's possible that Grimm's lack of familiarity with the borough is catching up with him.

McMahon voted to raise property taxes in 2002 while he was in the City Council - that's a different legislative body, Mr. Grimm. And he is hardly a liberal lackey, just ask the people who supported Steve Harrison.

And instead of offering a vision, Grimm has been shouting the word 'liberal' like a 5-year-old until it sticks like a letter magnet on the fridge. He's done absolutely nothing for Staten Island, barely even voted. And he has not offered any plan to do anything in the future except recite Tea Party platitudes about the federal debt and other non-sequiturs.

Simply put: he is a plant, potted by Giuliani and watered with the inanity of Sarah Palin. Grimm is a pretty face with a military record, looking to parlay his non-experience into a Congressional seat.

I find it hard to believe that anyone would vote Grimm for any reason other than not liking President Obama and Speaker Pelosi. There's simply nothing there.

He's running an angry white man campaign, which is great if you want to get kids off your front lawn.


  1. The only "shit" McMahon has done is borrow money from China to pay for projects he can take credit, while our children and grandchildren will be footing the bill.

    Grimm volunteered to fight for this country, volunteered for combat and then even for dangerous duty, so he worked not just for Staten Island but the entire country. Then in the FBI, he risked his life going undercover to take down crooked Wall Street firms, the Gambino crime family and dozens of politicians on the take. Again, everyone in the country benefits by such actions.

    So given a choice between someone who risked their life for Staten Island, and the rest of the country, and a blowhard incumbent who used the public treasury like a credit card and wants to be lauded for it, I'll take Grimm, thank you very much.

  2. who gives a shit?

  3. Please post your content on the SILIVE website, there is so much McMahon hate over there, people need to take a drink of what you wrote and maybe it will wake them up.

  4. Kudos to you J! I am sad that I am not getting this feed on facebook anymore...hmm....and I am curious about where Anonymous #1 is getting his/her information from. Borrowing money from China that our children and grandchildren will foot the bill for? Examples or evidence please.