Thursday, October 14, 2010

NY Post exclusive with Staten Island streaker

Leave it to the New York Post to get an exclusive interview with the naked guy who got arrested at President Obama's Philadelphia rally on Sunday.

In this amazing YouTube piece, Staten Islander Juan Rodriguez explains why he performed the nude stunt, gives a history of streaking, and voices his approval for both President Obama and The Roots.

The incident was staged after billionaire Alki David promised $1 Million to anyone who streaked past the President with '' written on their chest.

Rodriguez claims he got "10 feet" from the President and says that Obama kept his cool.

"That shows that he's a great leader for this country." ---- huh?

He then gets into the history of streaking (graduations, Queen Elizabeth) in an apparent effort to legitimize the art form. According to Rodriguez, the first streaker is even in a museum!

If and when the million bucks arrives, he'd like to donate some to charity and help his little sister, who is sick.

But, he still had a good time at the rally: "I was happy to see the Roots... I was like, 'I hope they don't come on after Obama, cause I won't be able to see them.'"

In a somber moment Rodriguez even admits that some one could have gotten hurt, by a sniper. And that's why he ran away so fast. What a swell guy.

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