Friday, October 1, 2010

Milhouse at some place called the Joint?

We found this video on YouTube.

It purports to be a heavy rock band called 'Milhouse' and the vid is taken from a Staten Island music venue.

It looks like it was taken with a cell phone camera, but the grainy-ness at the start implies some type of old-fashioned video camera.

The music is loud - sorta like early Arcade Fire, but with more screamos. Maybe this is what lo-fi sounded like in the 90s.

The crowd. They are all stoned. and drunk. just look at them. And we did some research - turns out they only eat fruit.

The venue. It's at a place called The Joint, which is supposedly on Staten Island - but we could NOT find it on Foursquare. So maybe they meant Long Island.

And there's no Wikipedia entry for Milhouse (band) so they might as well not even exist.

There is a fight at the end. Maybe the whole thing was staged to create a meme - like Antoine Dobson, or the double rainbow guy.

Video after the be-dunk:


  1. the joint on 4square.. thats a hilarious

  2. is the si dump on 4square?

  3. Remember that vegan "mush" they used to serve at The Joint? It was like $2 a cup 'o disgusting.

  4. dude its staten island i was therre that guy was a fag like you and got his ass kicked!!!!

  5. way old post but i need to comment...the reason why it looks grainy isn't because it was a cell phone camera...they didn't exist in 96or 98 or when ever this was. Also it is staten island and the reason why it isn't on foursquare is because foursquare didn't exist in 96 and neither does the joint anymore.

  6. The real name of the venue at that time was called "THE GRANDVIEW COMMUNITY HALL" it was a Knights of Columbus hall which had been sold and re-opened as a Gospel Church! That was one of the best venues from 95-97 for Local and touring bands from the U.S , Canada and Europe!!