Thursday, July 15, 2010

41 drug dealers arrested: Channel 7 makes awkward 'weed' pun

You may have heard that 41 people were arrested in a drug sting in Mariners Harbor.

It was apparently part of some sort of "Operation Good Neighbor" program where locals rat out the skuzzy dealers mucking up the streets.

So it was probably this 'neighbor' reference that inspired Channel 7 News to stake out a real life neighborhood do-gooder: a slightly unstable person who pulls weeds from the pavement.

But it didn't end there for Channel 7 and the weed reference, they kept it coming full circle.

Video after jump.


  1. Glad they were able to 'Round Up' . . . something something, weed. Get it?

  2. Round Up is the name of a popular week-killer.

  3. Shit. *Weed*-killer