Thursday, July 29, 2010

Liberty-loving Tea Party ignores Libertarians

The Tea Party movement is supposedly built on aversion to big government, wasteful social programs, burdensome taxation, and the Federal Reserve.

But what happens when a local Libertarian candidate announces a run for Congress on a platform of increasing individual liberty, excoriating the Fed, and reforming the IRS?

Answer: nothing.

Tom Vendittelli, Libertarian congressional candidate for Staten Island, is carrying banner of liberty that other Islanders use as a mask to wear on 'weekend warrior' protests.

The Tea Party, busy fawning over the Republican candidates for Congress, have ignored the very candidate who espouses the beliefs they claim to adhere to.

"The Tea Party is on the right track," Vendittelli wrote us. "I'm a big fan of people waking up to our Nanny State reality, so I dig this Tea Party movement."

But, apparently, the Tea Party doesn't 'dig' him.

The Tea Party on Staten Island, like the movement in general, has become a front group for the GOP, a ruse of Republican partisans parading as average Joe independents and anti-government crusaders.

They repeatedly refuse to follow though on their statements and positions, causing a perpetual political sideshow on the Island without producing anything except party-line support.

So let's stop this charade and call these activists exactly what they are: Republicans.


  1. Libertarian = Republican

    Republican = Libertarian

    The Libertarian Party was formed out of the Republican Party by the Chairman of the Colorado Young Republicans in 1971. Ever since, all of the Libertarian Presidential candidates save one, have been Republicans.

    The Libertarian Party is simply a far-out off-shoot of the GOP, much like the Conservative Party of NY's relationship with the GOP.

  2. Eric, at the risk of starting a flame war, the facts disagree with you.

    Please don't do the public further disservice by promoting the "red team vs. blue team" political mentality.

    Point of fact, the closest thing to a Libertarian is a Classical Liberal.

    I could go on, noting that Vendittelli and Librera are a Left leaning Libertarians, Panzella is a Right leaning Libertarian, and I am a moderately Centrist Libertarian, but that's better left for people to discover by examining our positions.

    I urge everyone to examine all potential candidates' positions, and then vote principles before party.