Tuesday, July 27, 2010

John McCain endorses Staten Island congressional hopeful

More Staten Islanders voted for John McCain than Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election - an extreme oddity for a NYC boro.

So it might be significant that the former presidential candidate has backed the conservative Mike Grimm for his fledgling shot at the GOP nomination.

The septuagenerian released a statement on the endorsement on Monday.

"We need leaders like Michael Grimm in Congress. Michael served as a Marine in combat for our country, continued his service for 11 more years as a special agent in the FBI, and then went on to become a small business owner."

McCain, currently in his own fight for his political career, joined some political blowhards like Rudy Guiliani with his backing of Grimm. But it's not likely to be much of a game changer - unless, of course he actually shows up to campaign rallies. And no, robocalls don't count.

The endorsement muddys up an already deluded race for the Republican nomination. A race that, at its lowest point, sent up a degrading trial balloon of re-running Vito Fossella for his old seat.

Grimm faces the GOP-backed Mike Allegretti for the name on the Republican line. Both trail Democratic incumbent Mike McMahon in fundraising.

In case you wanted to know more about your "fellow patriot" Mike Grimm, here is a video he recorded for the local arm of the Tea Party.

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  1. Mike Grimm strikes me as a sincere guy. He would make a great head of internal affairs at the FBI, or head of an investigative task force at the GAO. I do not think he is right to represent us in Congress.

    When asked at a recent Tea Party rally what he would do to clean up Washington, he paused for a half second, and shouted he would "show leadership".

    It was clear he had no idea what to do in this regard.

    If you think about it for a bit, the way to constrain Washington corruption is clear: cut it off at the source by constraining their ability to spend beyond their means.

    Our candidate, Tom Vendittelli would do this by repealing the Federal Reserve act and restoring sound money to our nation.

    So far, out of all the candidates to represent Staten Island, only Tom has the insight and conviction to take on the Federal Reserve.

    Dave Narby