Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where's the Beep? New Web site will help combat hate crime

What's the old adage about sun and disinfectant...

Local officials and activists have taken a step in combating the recent rise in hate crimes on Staten Island by creating a new web page called I AM Staten Island.

Apparently the effort does not have the support of Staten Island Borough President Jim Molinaro.

The campaign, endorsed by North Shore Councilwoman Debi Rose and Speaker Christine Quinn, is the first step in a coordinated effort among disparate groups to help assuage the bigotry running rampant throughout the forgotten borough.

The site lists community organizations and public officials backing the initiative. But no Oswald Copperpot.

"Something very serious is happening on the Island," the site reads, "and it is going to take a comprehensive response from the entire Staten Island community to address this challenge."

Speaker Quinn said the site "provides us with another critical tool for spreading the message that we will not tolerate these attacks."

We realize that the Borough President may be too busy bashing the Mexican President to take the time and support this effort, but we hope he will come around and give it the attention it deserves.

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