Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bad Day for McMahon

Things are gettin' crazy out here on SI.

On Sunday, Rep. Mike McMahon voted "no" on some health care thing that apparently was a huuuuge deal.

You can follow that all that convoluted nonsense here, but for now we will summarize what people have been saying today ('cause that's what blogs are for, no?)

The NY Daily News is all like, the White House is PISSED yo! and McMahon won't be gettin' any dough from us, according to sources.

The Advance is all up on this -ish, reporting that some left-wing dude Steve Harrison is going to mount a primary challenge against the congressman.

Meanwhile, one of McMahon's potential Republican opponents, Mike Grimm, is bashin' him over the head with right-wing rhetoric.

But not to be out-teabagged, the other white meat, er Republican, Mike Allegretti goes to the NY Post to make his case.

Oh, and btw, the Brooklyn Eagle said that anti-war demonstrators were protesting outside McMahon's BK office on Friday.

So it's a pretty shitty day to be Rep. McMahon. But what was he supposed to do? Vote "Yes"?

That woulda been even worse.

The Tea Party would scream bloody murder. The pro-life crazies would come out of their proverbial closets. Old-timey folks with pitchforks would mob Tottenville towne. All chaos would break loose. We'd all be living off rationed Joe & Pat's for months.

Actually, that last part isn't so bad.


  1. i thought that pelosi said it was all good for congressmen to place a 'no' vote if it helps them get re-elected.. as long as they got 216?

  2. yeah, i think it's just b/c he's the only NYC guy to vote 'no.' so he's getting all this media attention.

  3. Maybe McMahon voted 'no" because of stuff like this:


  4. yeah, staten island does have its own lynch mob, i mean, Tea Party.