Monday, March 15, 2010

Check out the latest internet meme

Hey guys, we were just checkin in. What's been going on the past few days? Anything good?

Heard sumthin' bout a storm. There's a new pretzel shop at the ferry! Then there's that congressional race that's heatin' up!

Let's see, what else? Well there is this new internet sensation. A woman(?) has been releasing video via the tube of You and they are really effin crazy, but kinda good zany music. here's what we found about her:
the ephemeral, transient sounds coming from iamamiwhoami are nothing short of mind-numbing. the airy, surreal vocals and haunting spacious soundscapes leave lots to the imagination and implant nearly-permanent impressions of a unknowable and frankly unreal commodity.

One of the artist's most successful feats has been maintaining her anonymity. With so many people ready to exploit and critique any artist who attempts to exist solely under their work, this particular character has the honor of having her art judged on its own merits - instead of the whims of whatever minor flaw the blogoshere can find with her (music or otherwise).
Wow, that's hard to understand but sounds crazy -- like this video. check it out below, and let us know if you can understand what it is about.

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