Sunday, March 7, 2010

Craaziness on Forest ave for St. Patty's Day

The SI St. Patty's Day parade was insaaane.

First, we pre-gamed it at our buddy's house on Bard ave with a 12-pack of PBRs and smoked a bowl. Didn't really see the 'parade' as much. we watched a bootleg of Avatar instead.

but after the whole parade bs we hit the bars on Forest ave and there were people ALL over the place. there was some guy yuking on the sidewalk, cops lined up on horses, a fight in the convenience store parking lot.

some dude and a chic were having an argument out side Afternoons. we couldnt hear what they were sayin but the dude kept wavin his hands in the air and the girl started to cry a little bit. it was a little sad.

we met this other crazy cat w/ a huge green sombrero. he was smoking a cigar and had a green jets jersey on. he was so fucked. he was hil-A-rious.

The effin bars closed down maad early at like 8 cause everybody was all drunk already and the cops we just like fukin go home already. enough.

so we just got in and yuked up all green. digust.

gettin up for work tomorrow is gonna be rough!

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