Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Column: Fighting the socialist media

Recently the Advance published a hit piece on the Tea Party.

It's upsetting that the local paper would join the drive-by, socialist, mainstream media.

At least we have patriots here to defend us: so many people that I wonder if we are still boycotting the paper.

We can win the fight by simply using facts -- (and guns just in case).

Anyway, we decided to probe into the liberal media's slime machine.

Where do they get the idea that the Tea Party, or any conservative movement, is biased or racist?

Exhibit A: This piece of claptrap from the Washington Post: "Tea party' protesters accused of spitting on lawmaker, using slurs"

Ridiculous, this is just the kind of left-wing attack that damages the credibility of the movement.

There is no proof of spitting by anyone.

In fact, there is even video to prove that this is slanderous.

If you watch you can clearly see this 'patriot' was simply greeting Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, and gently spraying him with saliva in the process.

This is completely normal. In fact who does this elitist snob Cleaver think he is? He thinks can walk to work without being moistened in the face by the spittle of a white protestor?

This is what our country has come to?

What happened to the days where us white folk could run around shouting insults and spraying saliva on black people without the liberal media jumping down our throats?

Is this the 'change we can believe in?'

We think not.

The Advance needs to see this video, and learn the FACTS. We except an apology written with the blood, sweat, and tears of Brian Laline.

And until we get one, we'll be boycotting Pronto Pizza (which is delicious, btw).

We want our America back.

-Johnny Patriot

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  1. even Scott Brown is distancing himself from the tea party..