Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Staten Island's Next Ninja?

You guys remember the ninja burglar?

Back in 2007, a bunch of houses in the Silver Lake area of SI got robbed by some guy who, maybe, possibly, might have been wearing some sort of mask that could have made him look like a ninja.

Naturally the media dubbed him the 'ninja burglar' making him synonymous with Island iconoclasts like Vanderbilt, Kreischer, Alice Austen, and Ol' Dirty Bastard Inspectah Deck. (thanks, to Mike Cohen)

He even has his own Wikipedia entry. So he must be for real.

It was fun! It sold papers. The ad people were happy. In short, those were the good old days.

But now there's a new bandit on the loose and the Advance reporters have blown this one wide open.

It seems that some strange man, who reportedly may have a 'fetish with lawn ornaments,' is committing a series of heinous acts involving campy Family Dollar lawn decorations.

That's right people: garden gnomes, lawn jockeys, those crappy wooden deer. Nobody is safe.

For more info follow SILive and buy the Advance -- our only protection against such vicious and brazen attacks on our pastoral, suburban way of life.

Die Antwoord - Enter The Ninja 

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