Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Painting Soldiers at Martini Red

Hey guys.

This Friday. Martini Red. There's a few bands playing.

Painting Soldiers is a lo-fi folk duo.

Guitar Bomb is raucous blues-punk.

Admiral of the Narrow Sea is, idk, intriguing and a bit scary.

We think it's a side project from Andrew Philip Tipton.

We are pretty sure Painting Soldiers played last summer on a barge off Richmond Terrace.

In fact, it was a self-sustaining Waterpod that floated around New York City for a few weeks. There were plants, living quarters, chickens.

Honestly, it was pretty effin kick ass.

Painting Soldiers are working on an album that is being produced by Lee Ranaldo.

Yeah, the same Lee Ranaldo from Sonic Youth, at least according to COAHSI.

Nice to see a folk show down on Van Duzer. How about a little diversity? Yeah!

Admiral of the Narrow Sea - Horn

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