Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Fever: Staten Island style

The Bronx has the Bombers. Queens has the Metropolitans. Brooklyn's got the Cyclones.

And, Staten Island, the Yankees?

That's right.

When a single-A franchise came to the Richmond County some genius decided to name them after the greatest franchise in sports history.

Lemme guess how that meeting went:
Dbag in a suit: So, what should we call this Single A team on Staten Island?

BP Molinaro: grumble, grumble, grumble...

some other a-hole: Hoooow about....... the Yankees?

Josh Getzler: That's fucking genius. How did you come up with that?

previous a-hole: An Indian and Jim Morrison told me in a dream.
Brooklynites are quite proud of the Cyclones. You can spot them wearing their Cyclone T-shirts and hats all over town.

Can you imagine wearing a Staten Island Yankees T-shirt?

How many of these things do you think they sell??

The season is still a few weeks away. There is still time to fix this. How about we change the name?

Here are some suggestions totally free of charge -- we will accept beer as a gift though.

The Staten Island Shoguns (in honor of Wu-Tang)

Vanderbilt Chops

In honor of those rich fucks buried at Vanderbilt's tomb, and Cornelius Vandebilt's mutton chops.

What are some other good names we can come up with? There's gotta be more options.

We need to get together and change this awful name.

What kind of jerkoff borough names their minor league team after another borough's major league team?

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