Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lessons in Journalizm: Editorials

On April 10 the Staten Island Advance ran a guest editorial from an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. John P. Reilly, that criticized the President's new health care bill.

This is great right?

We want to know what our doctors think of the new health bill. They are on the front lines in this battle, and who doesn't trust their doctors?

Except there's one problem.

Dr. John Reilly serves on the executive board of the Molinari Republican Club, an organization that promotes "limited government," "low taxes" and is dedicated to removing the "Democratic majorities in Washington [who] are working to strip away our protections from terrorists."

So on Saturday morning April 10 when all the old white people opened up their Staten Island Advance they probably thought:

"Hmmm, a real doctor. I wonder what he thinks about this whole health care nonsense."
"Our health-care system’s deconstruction, reconstruction and expansion should not be relegated to or contingent upon the vision or agendas of other entities which, at best, have a symbiotic or worse, a parasitic relationship, on that fundamental trust." - Dr. John Reilly
Old white people: "Holy hell. Even my doctors don't like this socialist bill. Maybe I should go join that wacky Tea Party after all."

Moving forward, the Advance needs to identify their partisan hacks accordingly, so as not to confuse their old white readers.


  1. Do you post here all the time or only when you're not banging your mother? Get a life miscreant. If you hate the old white majority of Staten Island so much, be a man and step into a South Shore bar one night and say. Be sure to express your bigotry for Italians, Catholics and conservatives while you're at it.

  2. The Advance has the right to publish editorials by whomever they want. However, they should disclose that he's on the board of the Molinari Republican Club. It's a bit ironic that an organization that believes "limited government" is named after our former borough president since that position is more or less useless.

    On a personal note, I'm a bigger fan of John C. Riley:

  3. This is a good blog, but it probably also should have been a letter to the Advance's Editorial Dept.

  4. embarrassing, but no surprise here.
    the advance has been asleep at the wheel for years...