Thursday, April 15, 2010

Do we need to choose a side in this?

A recent piece in the SI Advance went after the grant-giving process over at COAHSI.

Basically: some people got grants, some didn't.

The piece boils it down like this:
Two opposing camps formed. A mostly 35-and-under group endorsed Shulick, and the awards made under her supervision. A somewhat older faction asserted that favoritism contaminated the process.

...In some instances, thanks to Facebook, it was also clear that the young newcomers and the 28-year-old grants director are all part of the same social network.
really? is it that simple? if so, what camp are we in?

The Dump never signed up for a 'camp' and we are afraid we might get left out.

Are we automatically connected through the 'Facebook?' idk, we need to check all our contacts and make sure.

In fact, if there is a war and all the grants go to one side, or the other, we think we should at least pick one side so that we can maybe win the fight.

(Hopefully, it won't flare out into the wider conflict with Williamsburg!)

So should we side with the older faction, or the younger one? Which one is cooler, more artistic?

Such a tough decision.

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