Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How Awesome/Terrible Is This?

This is quite possibly the worst and/or coolest song performed on SNL since Elvis Costello did "Radio, Radio" in 1977.

First off: Did MGMT really name a song after Brian Eno??

Secondly: Is this ballsy, or, a massively lame name drop?

: Are MGMT now hippies, mod-rockers, or refurbished chillwavers?

It seems like a joke. As if MGMT is saying,
"Watch this crazy shit we are gonna pull on our next album. Transplants will eat it up like a double-double In-N-Out burger."
Or, are they really saying:
"We don't give a shit what Brooklyn thinks about us. We are going to make an album to please ourselves, not the 'Best New Music' crowd at Pitchfork."
Which is it Staten Island? This is your moment. You will look back at April 2010 and say:

"That was back when I was the only muthafuker that liked the new MGMT (or) I told y'all that MGMT album was bullshit."

Choose a side wisely, and quickly.

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