Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wow, there's a lot of Old Man Bars on SI

The Cargo Cafe was closed tonight (rumors abound) so we needed to choose a drunken alternative.

We were traveling around the Island, doing "research" and discovered something.

There are a shit load of dirty old man bars that cater to burnt out drunkards who may or nay not ride motorcycles and have receding hair lines.

But you know what? these bars aren't half bad.

At first there was some general awkwardness, but after we played some Journey and Van Morrison on the juke box, the party was on.

Dudes were buying us shots and having general drunken conversation.

This particular pub on Victory blvd had a few pool tables, dartboards, TVs w/ both Yankee and Met games.

The bathrooms were dirty cesspools and there were more than a few bikes parked outside.

The bartender lady even gave us a pair us glasses because we lost ours in a drunken outing at Marie's Gourmet.

The glasses were for the Mets game, which was lost in extra innings, but the sentiment was important.

So y'all have a fav dive bar on SI? or is Martini Red the only place to go?


  1. Wait? You didn't even name the pub you went to on Victory? Or am I crazy?

    Bridget's Pub is a decent dive on weekdays. On weekends it can get kind of lame.

    And Pier 76 next to Cargo really isn't the worst thing in the world. Pizza until 3am and the crowd hasn't ever been that bad there. Younger than the Klipper, more diverse (guido, hipster, ghetto, white collared galore), but less artsy than Cargo.

  2. LEGENDS 1975 Victory Boulevard
    Its Legend - wait for it - ary

  3. Talk of the Town

  4. Talk of the Town? That IS an old man bar. My grandpa used to go there. I think he even took me with him once.