Sunday, April 18, 2010

What do Staten Island and LOST have in common?

LOST and the island of Staten have something in common.

Take a look at the picture below and try to guess what it is:

Yeah, remember Goodwin. We believe he was an Other on LOST, who was eventually impaled with a stake through the heart.

And Sawyer, well we don't need to tell you, he's the sexpot that was with Kate (almost) then Juliet, until she died.

So does Staten Island hold the secret to LOST? Is there some kind of connection between Goodwin and Sawyer? Possibly, Jewett Ave?

And where is the temple in case the smoke monster comes? Vanderbilt's Tomb?


  1. Sawyer and Goodwin were both lovers of Juliet, which kind of sounds like "Jewett," which both streets intersect.

    Maybe all the streets the intersect Jewett are the names of Juliet's lovers. It's a road map of her sexual history.

    A few blocks north of Sawyer is "Constant" Ave, which I assume is the dividing line between her sexual history in the island-verse and the LAX-verse.

  2. Sometimes I think our own Staten Island wishes it was like the Island. Anytime outsiders find their way to our Island there seems to be this want to move its location to keep it secret.

  3. what lies in the shadow of the statue.... (of liberty!?)