Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Another Reason not to Go to Times Square

New Year's Eve is the day when Time's Square turns into a tourist breeding ground and thousands of people stand in the cold for hours on end to watch a ball drop and get a glimpse of Anderson Cooper. We aren't fans of going there for New Year's Eve, there's better options, and this year will especially suck.

After the underwear bombing incident security will be stepped up. And now, some a-hole left his van parked in the area today, which closed down Time's Square and set off a flurry of speculation.

It turns out there was just clothes in the van, probably cheap knock-offs. Does anyone from SI actually go to Time's Square on New Year's. If so, why? Don't they realize it will be like 30 degrees outside, and probably snow, not a cool snow but a shitty slush snow.

Anyways, the Dump wishes everyone a safe and uneventful New Year's.

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