Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Staten Legends? Ghostface and Terrible Tim

When we nominated both Ghostface Killah and Terrible Tim for Staten Islander of the decade we never expected this (actually we didn’t really expect much). But with two days left to vote Ghost is in the lead followed by, that’s right, the raunchy Community television folk singer Terrible Tim. Seen below in a gripping scene from America's Got Talent.

Terrible Tim on America's Got Talent (don't blink)

We had our researchers look into this and found that the two artists are actually more alike then you think. Both men smoke marijuana and say derogatory things about females.
Y'all be nice to the crackheads, everybody listen up
I shot one of my bitches, the hoe ain't trick enough
- Ghost or Tim?

I wanna get blunted so break out the blunts
Put an end to your frontin’ so break out the blunts
- Ghost or Tim?
It's uncanny, really.

There are plenty of dark horse candidates that can still mount a massive comeback like patriotic graffiti artist Scott LaBaido, or DJ extraordinaire and "Island's best blogger" Paul Bruno. Maybe Buster Poindexter and Jay Miller can combine forces to make the ultimate faux-rock band.

Anyway, we won't try to sway the last votes, if there are any. But we'll just leave you with this.

Raekwon feat Ghostface and Method Man - "New Wu"


  1. Jay Miller and I were talking to each other at a party recently and the proprietor of the seldom-updated A New Nuance blog came to us and said "There they are. Two legends!"

    I opined that this meant that merely meant that we were both in our 30s, unmarried and thus still hanging out in the "scene."

    I was considering chastising you for not directly linking my blog in this post à la the perceived slight of and subsequent grievance between the Headlocks and Ben Johnson in a recent SILive post but my irony has the habit of being misunderstood. Smiley face emoticon.

  2. The two of you in one place, at the SAME time!

    The guy who writes New Nuance: honorable mention for his north shore mayoral debate performance.

    about the SILive post. is that the one where Ben Johnson goes out of his way to promote the band and then they proceed to rip apart his post???

    because if so, please try and replicate that. it would be golden

  3. You put "Island's best blogger" in quotes, implying sarcasm. How dare you!

    This kind of a microcosm of why I don't like to cover local bands. Let's say you like band x, and you give them coverage. Suddenly, bands y and z and hounding you with "Why did you give props to them and not us? What are you too cool for us? Don't you support the scene?" And of course, band x may not be happy with what you said about them and could decide to give you grief about it out, as in the example of the SILive post.

    I don't how much of this you've experienced with your relatively young blog. People are probably grateful right now. But when it does come (and I'd be willing to bet it will), I hope you have the resolve to stick to your guns.

  4. TerribleTim says...Yes this is valid. The GFK is successful in the business and TerribleTim is operating his flow to the full out extent on public access TV for 13 years. Recognize the skills and knowledge that are coming off of the brother. Suckers and player haters better come correct or TerribleTim will be wilding son. The skills are full blown when TerribleTim is up in your club wilding and blowing up the spot.
    Step to the brother and TerribleTim will be all up in your grill. It's hard out here for a pimp but TerribleTim's pimping is strong and he keeps maintaining and holding it down.
    Plague pestilence and famine to the non believers. The scriptures hath been scribed upon the sacred scrolls. The flesh is weak and the feasts are many. Take thine ease in earthly comforts but let not your faith in the brotherman TerribleTim fall as seeds upon stony ground. TerribleTim preaches TerribleTim sermons from the terribleTim pulpit to the TerribleTim parishners at their TerribleTim church pews. All love goes to the brother man, not the other man. And this flow goes out to Jay Miller.


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