Sunday, December 20, 2009

Island Tanning Salons on the Hook

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So it looks like President Obama and the Democrats will get their Health Care Reform after all. While DC and the rest of the East Coast was being blanketed by snow, Senators emerges from a 13 hour meeting with Nebraska Democrat Ben Nelson to finally come to an agreement on abortion.

The bill will include some new taxes to help cover the over 30 million people who don't have insurance. One of these taxes struck me as kind of comical and I think will hit Staten Island hard: a tanning salon tax. This is no joke, according to the Times:

Mr. Reid dropped a proposed tax on cosmetic surgery and replaced it with a tax on “indoor tanning services.” Senate Democrats said the 10 percent tax was justified because ultraviolet radiation from tanning devices could increase the risk of skin cancer.

I wonder how all the tanning salons on the Island feel about this. Would Staten Island ever be the same without all the superficial orange people? Will MTV's Jersey Shore lose their endorsement deals?

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