Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Will the Mets Still Blow with Jason Bay?

The Mets finally made a big off-season move and signed Jason Bay to a four-year contract for a shit-load of money (does it really matter how much?). But the question is: will the Mets still blow next year? Or, will they be awesome until September and then blow?

Bay had 36 homers, which is a lot in the post-steroid era, and he had 119 RBI. This translates to roughly 20 and 90 in Citi Field.

They've also signed 18-game winner Kelvim Escobar who will probably get injured sometime around July.

Could they pull off another late-season collapse that makes Met fans want to throw their televisions out the window?

Only time will tell. Just about 60 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training.

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  1. All things considered, I think this was a good move for the Mets. They needed to replace Delgado's bat somehow and considering that Matt Holiday is probably going to command over $100M, Bay for 4 years was the best option. Plus, they haven't had a solid presence in LF since Cliff Floyd.

    They still need to solidify the rotation. Hopefully they can pry either Aaron Harang (a great K/BB ratio pitcher who will likely flourish in Citifield) or Bronson Arroyo (a solid innings eater) from the Reds who are looking to dump salary. One huge factor in the Amazins' dreadful 2009 that no one mentions is that their pitching staff issued more walks than anyone in the majors except for the Nationals. In spacious Citifield, you gotta make the other team put the ball in play. Giving free passes is a recipe for diaster.

    Of course, getting rid of Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo would be addition by subtraction.