Friday, December 18, 2009

Don't Criticize the Beep

So this guy goes after Borough President James Molinaro, then gets arrested under shady circumstances.

Charges have been dropped. The NYCLU is now involved. Molinaro is mum about the arrest and the pending suit against the city.

The beep is not named specifically but Edward Sullivan says that he was arrested three days after he wrote an article about Jim "the penguin" Molinaro. He claims the cops told him he has "enemies upstairs."

(Update: Sullivan's Letter to the Editor is pasted below.)

From the Staten Island Advance on 8/8/09:
Enough is enough now with what is going on with the Home Port and the Lighthouse Museum.

It's time to turn these properties over to the New York City Parks Department and get on with it! These properties are owned by the people of Staten Island and the powers that be are just waiting to turn them over to private contractors to make a fortune on prime real estate without investing a penny!

This is our property, people! Don't let Borough Hall take away from us what is legally ours with some under-handed deal like what just happened at Brookfield landfill. We want access to the waterfront on the North Shore. We want a park. We want a National Lighthouse Museum.

We are told there is no money for a museum or a park. Where did the $100 million for the "mistake" in the Brookfield cleanup come from? What politician had $100 million sitting in their discretionary funds available to give it to a contractor? We want access to our property!

Enough is enough. Tear down the fences on the North Shore!

Election Day is less then 75 days away. Don't forget who did what for you in November.


[The writer is Executive Director of the Natural Resources Protective Association.]

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