Sunday, December 27, 2009

#whocares: Jersey Shore Nicknames

Take a break from Farmville and join the latest rage.

This weekend we all logged onto the Internets and got our very own specialized Jersey Shore nickname via the magic of Facebook.

Fist pump!

Awesomeness. What about the "guidettes"?

Totally boss.

There's nothing like a cheap marketing stunt to put an end to the holiday weekend, especially when it's for a crappy reality show.

The guy who invented the Internet (AlGore?) is probably rolling over in his grave.
Don't forget new episode Jersey Shore airs Thurs. Dec 31st 10ET/PT
- totally getting $$$ for that-
By the way, we used to have nice memories from the boardwalks and beaches of New Jersey.

Promise Ring - Jersey Shore

Every time we eat a funnel cake with no shirt on we're playing into their Italian stereotype. Thanks MTV.

And thanks for ruining punk rock and music videos and Kurt Loder.

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