Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fringe Groups Battle for McMahon's Attention

Staten Island's Democratic Congressman Mike McMahon has had to beat back criticism from both the left and right as he tries to contemplate issues such as health care, national security, financial stimulus and energy independence.

Never mind the fact that as a freshman congressman McMahon has secured funding for local terrorism task force and to spruce up the Ferry. Also, forget the fact that as a member of both the committees on Transportation and Foreign Affairs McMahon has had a direct seat in negotiating vital changes in airline safety and fighting terrorism overseas.

He's also made strides on local issues including the Brookfield landfill, the new ER at Staten Island University Hospital and the Manor Road post office.

But none of this matters -- not to the Peace Action people on the Left and the Tea Party on the Right.

Both groups have been on a crusade to influence the congressman in blatant disregard for the facts that as a freshman legislator McMahon has gone a long way to do what's best for the Island and the majority of his constituents.

To be fair, we encourage civic engagement of any kind. But the criticism for both wings has been excessive and unwarranted.

Movement for a Democratic Society:

“He [ McMahon ] voted to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, once again, not only against his constituents’ wishes, but to aid and abet the further destruction of two countries that were invaded illegally and against the will of the people..."

Staten Island Tea Party:
"...the subjugation of the American people and their Constitution - is being accomplished by a Chicago punk and a radical Democrat Congress...."
Ease it up guys. I know we're all competing for Mike's attention, but we think a little more civility is called for.

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