Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Warning: Drum Circles Can Kill You

We all love a good drum circle. There's something about the wafts of incense, combined with random banging of instruments that creates a zen-like atmosphere only akin to pharmaceuticals. (Local hip-spot Martini Red even started to host their own monthly drum-session.) But the tragic news came out today that a drum circle could be harmful to your health.

The New York Times is reporting that a bunch of hippies in New Hampshire got together for a Drum Circle and Pasta Supper on Dec 4 when one woman became seriously ill from gastrointestinal anthrax. She apparently contracted the anthrax spores from the skins of the African drums which is made from the hides of animals.
"Investigators found traces of anthrax on two African drums and an electrical outlet in the room where the event took place, Dr. Talbot said, and are theorizing that the woman swallowed spores that were aerosolized by the drumming."
Will drum circles be outlawed? How will white people with dreadlocks react? Will life ever be the same?

We hope, for the sake of summer festivals, this was just a freak accident and the drumming can continue. But just to be safe the United Campus Ministry should probably change the info on their website:

First Friday of each month
6-8 pm

Drum Circle and Free Pasta Supper:

Good food! Fun music! Excellent company! What else is there to say?

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