Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cheap Laughs at Cargo Cafe

Locals comedian James Harris is hosting another stand-up comedy night at the Cargo Cafe, appropriately called "Grab Ass Stand Up," and here's just a few reasons why you should attend:

1. It's free: on a scale of 1 to 10 price-wise, this would have to be a 10.

2. Ridiculous drink specials: $2 Beers $3 shots & Well Drinks. $6 for a pbr 2 sliders and fries! That's almost as good as White Castle, without the morning after stomach pains.

3. Great line-up: real working comedians from all over the country who are actually funny.

4. Support your local scene: Let's hear jokes on Staten Island instead of just jokes about Staten Island. If we don't support the local arts/music/entertainment scene the borough will continue to be a punchline and one-dimensional depiction of MTV reality shows.

Sean Patton - Crackhead Aunt

Starts at 9:30

Sean Patton (Comedy Central)
Max Fox (Aspen Comedy Festival)
John Szeluga (Mid-evenings with Jay Miller)
Adam Pateman (Every ones favorite Canadian)
Hosted by James Harris

@ Cargo Cafe 120 Bay St SI NY.
just 2 blocks from the Free Staten Island Ferry!

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