Saturday, January 2, 2010

Get Out: Jokes, DJs, and Bands

It's Jan 2, you're probably still hung over. But local hip-spot/refurbished townie dive Martini Red is hosting an all-star night of the Island's best indie entertainment.

Boom: DJ Jay Miller
TV show host. Comedian. Greatest Islander nominee. Cross-generational rock and roller. and, now DJ will be spinning some tunes at the Red

POW: ManCrush
Tim Duffy & Casey Jost
North Shore Mayoral candidate and honorable mention for Greatest Islander with
Les Vinyl himself with or without his guitar.

KABAAM: The Delay AND The Rabbits
How did these guys not make our Best Albums of '09 list? We don't know. They were robbed.

Here's The Rabbits via the professionals @SILive:

Update: South Shore!!
The Threadz at KJ's Ale House in Eltingville(?)

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