Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sing a Song About the Island

When the HuffingtonPost launched their project to map NYC in songs, we expected to see a lot from entries of Staten Island. OK, maybe not a lot, but at least some.

There are only three entries for SI so far and all are obvious Wu-Tang references.

That's it? There aren't any others? What about the Staten Island Rocker dude? He's in the picture --->

And runner-up for greatest Staten Islander of the '00s Terrible Tim? He has to have some songs about the Island that aren't entirely composed of penis jokes.

We know Rhett Miller wrote a song about the Verrazano Bridge. Does that count?

Are there any more songs about Staten Island? Does anyone know/care?

Maybe some aspiring songwriter wrote a song about Hylan Boulevard or Pleasant Plains. This is your chance to be discovered.


  1. the Richmond Knights have a song called "Home" which is all about the island.

  2. richmond knights? they sound like a rad band. where can i get their tunes and/or read the lyrics to their song about Staten Island?

  3. Wahoo Skiffle Crazies play "Van Doozey Days" and "Beach Street Mess Around." Do these songs count?

  4. actual streets, perfect.
    do have a link for the songs so we can reference them?
    youtube? myspace? mp3?