Thursday, January 21, 2010

Walking the Cow

There's this place on SI that been getting a lot of internet 'buzz.' It's called the Cargo Cafe and lots of hip kids go there -- the key demographic. They have like hundreds of twitter followers.

Last night there were local singer/songwriters playing and a guy named Matt Wilson (not the Beach Boy) played a song from Dan Johnston called "Walking the Cow."

We started to get 'goosebumps' because the song felt so meaningful -- like it was 'bigger' than just a song.

So we went home and googled 'dan johnston' to find out more about the artist.

It turns out Mr. Johnston was a singer/songwriter who made some great music on a shitty four track, went bat-shit crazy, almost got famous for being talented/crazy, went off deep end, took some meds, kinda came back, got fat, met his high school romance, is still alive.

This made us think a lot about music, life , Staten Island.
  1. Is Dan Johnston a metaphor for Staten Island?

  2. Is Staten Island misunderstood and often put down?

  3. Does SI have lots of hidden, inane talent?

  4. Is there more to life than Twitter followers?

  5. Are there slightly sociopathic attributes to SI?

  6. Is Staten Island under-appreciated?

  7. Did we do too much drugs in high school?

  8. Is SI the zany uncle you kinda don't wanna visit but is still kinda cool?

Daniel Johnston - Walking the Cow


  1. As a "Dan Johnston" (Daniel haha) fan for nearly 20 years, and a lifelong Staten Islander, I can say yes to all of the above!

  2. there is also a great documentary about Daniel Johnston

  3. i am kind of surprised u guys never heard of him.. are you like a bunch of guido's or something?