Wednesday, January 13, 2010

John and John on Torture

Left-wingers had a shit-fit when Jon Stewart interviewed Bush legal counsel John Yoo last night.

John Stewart is a comedian who makes wildly perceptive comments on contemporary social issues.

John Yoo is a distinguished legal mind who was thrust into the limelight when Cheney needed justification to torture people.

So the leftys expected Stewart to rip Yoo a new one. But he didn't, and here's why.

Yoo is not a political operative, he a legal scholar. His memos were based on a reading of the Constitution and presidential decisions from Emancipation to Watergate.

His job in the Bush Administration was to produce legal opinions on the reach of executive power in the time of war. He just happened to be working for the biggest dicks in the world who took his legal briefs and wiped their asses with them.

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