Friday, January 8, 2010

Effe You, New Jersey: Gay Rights Edition

Gay marriage supporters were dealt another stinging defeat yesterday when New Jersey's State Senate voted 20-14 to reject a law that would make the state one of the few that allows same sex marriage.

The vote will prevent the opportunity for Gov. Jon Corzine to sign the bill into law before Chris Christie takes office. Proponents of the legislation were disappointed, but hoped a the matter would be resolved in the courts, an institution which was created to protect the tyranny of the majority.

As for the architects of the bill's defeat, the reasoning was the usual claptrap:

Senator Cardinale said that... the state would be doing “violence” to the institution of marriage by changing its current definition as a union between one man and one woman.

“There are many who believe that this bill will change our entire culture,” he said, shortly before casting his “no” vote.
-New York Times

Violence? Definitely not. Change our culture? Maybe -- for the better.

This is just proof that the world needs more Staten Island, or more specifically, the world needs more Diane Savino.

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