Saturday, January 2, 2010

Headlocks Come From Behind

We know The Headlocks have a lot of fans. (Heck there's like 20-something people in the band.) But we were wondering what took them so long to get the word out on this vote.

As it turns out, the band didn't even know that the Dump existed. Here's evidence from a recent Facebook status update:

Headlocks: Check out this new Staten Island Blog and vote for the headlocks cuckoo bird as si album of the year. Who knew this existed?

Who knew they existed?!? Yes, Virginia, there is a Staten Island Dump. We do exist. And we won't ever make observations about the kind of people who attend your shows.

Also, the totally rockin' Dead Set on Destruction is just two votes behind you hippies. So watch your backs. One day left to vote!

Tryptophan - Destroy Fashion

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