Friday, January 15, 2010

Interview: Staten Island Chuck

Groundhog's Day is just a few weeks away, and Staten Island's own whistle-pig, Chuck, will be coming out to look for his shadow.

Last year, Chuck made news worldwide by chomping Mayor Bloomberg's hand when the he tried to goad him out of his cage.

How will Chuck treat the mayor this year?

The SI Dump caught up with the infamous groundhog in advance of his next big showdown with the newly reelected Mayor.

So are you excited to see the mayor this year?
Not exactly. His hubris in deciding to run for a third term is unfathomable. And the way he bullied the city council to extend term limits -- completely unacceptable. Bloomberg is more concerned about his own legacy as a public figure than he is about the common people of the city. So no, I am not excited.
Wow, that's quite an opinion. Where do you get all this angst from?
I learned the art of guerilla tactics through heroes such as Mao, Che, the Vietcong, Afghan Mujahideen, Zapatistas. Ya' know all your basic freedom fighter movements.
I had no idea you were so political. So what do you think about the Tea Party here on Staten Island? We hear they've been making some waves.
Tea Party, what a joke. These rich white dudes running around talking about a 'second revolution.' Why, because your 401K lost 20 percent last year? Fuck off. These assholes just want to vent their sexual frustrations and be some kind of anti-hero and some twisted Glenn Beck fantasy world.
I never thought about it that way. So will we get an early spring this year or what?
Who cares?
Any other plans for 2010?
You know the deal. Everybody comes to the Zoo for one day and then I have to watch the zebras hump each other across the pond all summer.

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