Thursday, September 2, 2010

Drunk guy walks into a hookah bar

Were they out of Jasmine?

A drunk guy walked into the Fire & Ice Hookah Lounge in West Haven, Connecticut last week yelling "racial epithets at a group of black and Arabic people."

The douche, 31-year-old Kevin Morris, apparently had something to get off his chest. According to the New Haven Register, he even tried to strangle the bartender.

Unfortunately for Mr. Morris, in his drunken stupor he forgot that people can fight back.

The patrons proceeded the beat the shit out of the young man, leaving him with a bloody face and embarrassing mug shot.

Police said that Morris was plastered and he continued to spit racial invectives as they carted him off to the drunk tank.

The bar looks like a pretty rad place, with belly dancers and pure herbals, but this dude must have had some axe to grind. (Police nor the Register reported what the epitaphs actually consisted of.)

Tobacco smokers should pay heed: no hookah bars near ground zero.

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