Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meet the crazy bastard who wants to be governor

This guy's out of his mind.

Carl Paladino, the Tea Party (Republican) wanna-be candidate for governor of New York State, is appearing at the Hilton Garden Inn in Staten Island tonight for a little handshake meet-and-greet with the right-wing activists who want to slash government spending by any means necessary.

Paladino, among other things, is known for his controversial plan to house welfare recipients in unused upstate prisons so that they can live in dorms, work there, and take "hygiene classes."

Sounds delightful.

Maybe this is an issue that Islanders can get behind. Some have already isolated themselves on the South Shore, barricading against any perceived threat from the "others."

Why not round up everybody at the welfare office on Bay Street and throw them in the correctional facility on Arthur Kill Road? They'd be happy with that, no?

In case you were wondering about the Park51 community center (ground zero mosque to Tea-baggers), Paladino wants to invoke eminent domain to seize the property and save the beloved Burlington Coat Factory.

So much for government intrusion on our First Amendment freedoms. It seems this whole Tea Party philosophy is only used to justify short term political goals. Not a very good strategy if you want the movement to last beyond this midterm elections.

Here's more deet on the meets. And there's video of his ingenious welfare plan after the blurp:

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