Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New York Jets can't contain themselves

When Mexican reporter, and alleged hottie, Ines Sainz went to Jets practice to interview Mark Sanchez the team could not control themselves.

"I entered the locker room and there were some comments and some games," Sainz told DeporTV. "I want to make clear that in no moment did I even feel offended, much less at risk or in danger while there. It was simply a situation that got out of hand."

The NFL and the Jets are looking into the situation, possibly taking disciplinary measures.

But then the inevitable backlash: people are now claiming she deserved it, because, well she's so damn sexy that she should expect sexual harassment.(!?)

We don't know what kind of sadistic man cave these people are living in. But in the interest of serious investigative journalism we decided to take a look at the evidence.

In-depth report after the jump:

She looks great in a bathing suit!

Here she is at work: low cut top in the back, and perhaps one of the most symmetrically valid backsides we've ever seen.

Very nice posture.

Some normal work attire.

Modestly dressed, still looks damn sexy.

Bottom line analysis: this woman's curves can not be contained by your normal everyday 'clothing.' She is simply too voluptuous to constrain herself with boring 'reporter-wear.' This is just a natural fact of science. Nothing can be done about it.

However, professional football players should not act like junior high school students. She's not your gym teacher, she's a reporter (a very curvaceous one) just trying to do her job. Shame on you Jets!

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  1. "Damn girl, you ask some insightful questions."