Thursday, September 16, 2010

Firefighters rescue sinking car after 'tornado'

That was scary. Thursday night's almost-tornado tore down trees all over the North Shore, and knocked out power in Tottenville.

We even found a car sinking off Richmond Terrace -- and people were inside.

They took a wrong turn and drove right into a flooded street.

"The water's coming up" - kid in the back seat.

Firefighters were on the scene.

They told us there might be a live wire in the water. So the three people stuck inside couldn't swim out.

"You in the back," the firefighter said. "Last year, we had a guy in Queens, stuck in the car, got out in the water with his girlfriend. They both got electrocuted, and died."

He stopped complaining.

Here's what happened next:

some pics:

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